Ghost Shad 13cm 4kpl, Black Impact

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The Joined aerodynamic body is only a prelude to the real lethal weapon, the tail, designed with a particular angle that makes it able to produce faster vibrations while swimming. Long and precise casting are the and effective powers of the Ghost Shad. Its plastic formula, is internally lacesed with salt and externally oil scented. This solution is capable of ensuring the right mix of sinuous movements and resistance to attacks by predators. The Ghost Shad is produced in single color and double color versions. Available in 5 sizes 5 cm, 7.5 cm, 8.5 cm and 10cm and 13cm.This lure is excellent mounted on chatterbaits and jig heads, or launched weightless. It is also very good for Texas rig, drop shot, split shot and many other general rigs. In our tests, in salt and in fresh water we obtained incredible results with sea bass, bluefish, horse mackerel, as well as black bass, perch, pike, zander, catfish.

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